As a teacher since 1972 of many of New York’s leading artists of ballet, the concert stage, and Broadway, Finis Jhung brings to his class his own specially developed, time-tested, and stage-proven methods. His barre will expand your range of movement by slowly and methodically stretching and strengthening your entire body. Each exercise is designed to develop correct posture, placement, alignment, technical execution, musicality, and artistry. This is a barre that will get you on your leg, and prepare you to move with speed and power.

The center exercises further develop your dancing skills. Finis firmly believes that if we can go to the moon and back, you can learn to balance, turn, and jump. There are no mysteries; all you need is to “do the right thing.” Finis will help you discover your true potential, overcome technical and artistic difficulties, and enable you to dance with confidence and ease. Most of all, this is a class that will renew, refresh, and invigorate — you’ll feel good!

Guest Teacher

ince 1972, FINIS JHUNG has been a source of enlightenment for leading dancers of the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, The Joffrey, Ailey, Taylor, Graham, and Cunningham Companies as well as star gypsies from Broadway and aspiring professionals and amateur adult beginners the world over.

While running his own studio until 1987, Finis was also founder, artistic director and choreographer for Chamber Ballet USA. Currently, Finis teaches open classes and coaches privately at STEPS on Broadway, and at Ballet Arts. He has also taught at The Peridance Center, The Broadway Dance Center, The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Marymount Manhattan College, and at numerous festivals and workshops in Europe and the USA.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1937 of Korean-Scottish-English parentage, Finis graduated with High Honors from the University of Utah in 1959, where he majored in Ballet under Willam F. Christensen. After a six-month tour of duty with the National Guard, where he was the fastest typist in the U.S. Army, Finis joined the Broadway cast of Flower Drum Song. He went on the road with The National Company, and then joined The San Francisco Ballet. During that time, he also went to Hollywood and danced in the film version of Flower Drum Song. After becoming a soloist with SFB, Finis joined The Joffrey Ballet, touring Portugal, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and countless U.S. cities. In 1964, he joined The Harkness Ballet of New York, where he became a principal dancer and toured France, Italy, Monaco, Rumania, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, and more of the U.S.A. Critics worldwide acclaimed his
brilliance and elegance.

During his professional career, Finis studied with Valentina Pereyaslavec, Vera Volkova, Stanley Williams, Erik Bruhn, Rosella Hightower, and David Howard.

Finis Jhung has been the subject of numerous articles in national publications, and was featured as a "ballet virtuoso" on Lifetime TV. Jhung's life-long love of theatre and dance has led him to reevaluate ballet teaching. He has developed uniquely innovative teaching methods that make ballet easier to understand and more enjoyable to learn, while preserving the essential qualities that make ballet a great performing art.

Ballet teachers and students the world over enjoy Finis Jhung’s series of instructional videos, DVD’s, and music CD’s. His Teacher Workshops are annual events in New York, Florida, Ohio, and California.

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