Open Level
7:30pm - 9:00pm

EE JUNG is the Founder and Artistic director of "i KADA Contemporary Dance Company," she has choreographed and danced in many performances with the company at numerous prestigious dance venues since its founding in 2011 in NYC.

In the winter of 2012 Ms. Jung had a vision of bringing dance companies to work together and created the "KoDaFe in NYC" international festival in May 2013.

The festival has been successfully presented and she has been interviewed by Asian Culture complex, one of the biggest culture events in Asia, and KOFICE Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, which is published in 40 countries and in 4 languages. Since the beginning, KoDaFe in NYC has grown and taken on sponsors such as Fractured Atlas and Korean Cultural Service. The festival was aired on television on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network Culture channel) from September - October 2014.

i KADA Contemporary Dance Company has been producing work that impacts the community in a healthy way. i KADA Dance creates movement with purpose, in hopes of including the audience in a dancers life and world. We use a combination of techniques such as contemporary and traditional based Korean dance. In using these forms of dance, we pursue unity and safety; encouraging the community to produce more results in this way of life.

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