Open Level
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher by AmSAT/ Posture Coach

AOKO MATSUMOTO finished 3 years teacher training program at ACAT 2003. As she has a professional dancer background, she has supported performers in NY and Japan over 14 years. Currently she is a faculty member at HB Studio, ACAT, Mannes School of Music, and in her past at Ballet tech, NYU, The New School for Drama. Also she appears as a Runway/Posture Coach at New York Fashion Week.

Class description
Alexander Technique for Ballet Dancers

This class is for any stage of dancers. Instead of repeating same exercise, you will learn what is your unnecessary habits or effort which prevents your real technique & expression, and you will know how to release them. We start with gentle floor warm up. Every time we have a theme such as hip joint, arms, spine, feet, etc. With AT concept, we will practice them in ballet movements like pirouettes, jumps, turn out, etc. At the end there is Q&A time. If you’ve practiced the same things a million times, but still you need the same corrections, this class is for you.

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