5:30pm - 7:00pm
Open Level

Body and Mind Conditioning
This class focuses on creating a connection between the mind and body through a series of meditation, breath control, and stretching. Each step helps students understand how their body and mind can work together.
The class starts with the students laying on the floor with their eyes closed. There, they focus on breathing and recognizing how their body connects with the floor. Then, through a slow combination of movement starting with the spine, each body part is encouraged to move focusing on the engagement of the spine and pelvis. The class ends with a final meditation focusing on the breath.


UN-AE HWANG is the choreographer, director and creator of "SUNPROJECT." A native of South Korea, she began her dance training at age 24, emerging herself in Jazz, Ballet, House, and Hip-hop at various studios throughout South Korea. In 2006, Sun-ae Hwang moved to N.Y to continue her training at Ballet Arts. Since, she has developed her own dance style within her artistic vision, establishing "SUNPROJECT."

Pieces have been premiered and presented throughout the city in such venues as Jennifer Muller/Works, 92Y, Steps on Broadway, Battery Dance Studio, Webster Hall, WAH Center, The Button Theatre, Schermerhon Theater, Triskelion Theater, The Secret Theater, Dixon Place, The June Havoc Theatre…etc. Her new dance musical "THE SWANS" received two awards "Outstanding Production of a Short Subject," "Outstanding Direction of a Short Subject" from MITF (Midtown International Theatre Festival) 2014.

She is currently on the faculty at Ballet Arts in New York City, teaching and developing expression through movement and dance.

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